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DTDC India章鱼彩票app

DTDC India章鱼彩票app单号查询

官方网站:  查询电话:+91 33004444
DTDC India章鱼彩票app

We offer a wide range of services to and from all these locations to all over the world which include handling of express documents, 飞快达章鱼彩票app单号查询cargo shipments and many other customized logistics solutions.

To cater to the significant global opportunities originating from China, DTDC has set up a majority owned Joint Venture Company in China in association with DNJ Express and Air Dragon Freight (Beijing) Company Limited.

After successfully establishing its position in the Indian Domestic Sector as a Leading Express Company, DTDC over the last 15 years has expanded its service network around the world. Today, AAE-中国件章鱼彩票app单号查询DTDC through its own Subsidiary offices, JVs and Representative Offices has built a strategic global presence in various key geographies like USA, UK, UAE, China and Asia-Pacific region. Being a pioneer of the â??Franchiseeâ?? concept in Express Industry in India, DTDC has successfully carried this innovative concept overseas by appointing DTDC franchisees at USA, UK, UAE and Singapore. DTDCâ??s global network is ever expanding and we are in the process of adding many new countries to our list of International offices.

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